Token Torches & SHE Salute!

Today we torched a woof of SHIB, Bone and Leash while adding liquidity to SHEB! LFG!

Token Torches & SHE Salute!

Hail Shib!

This has been the best week I’ve ever had as Shytoshi.

If that’s saying something yes, I mean it. It’s not just because we surpassed the other chains and protocols I thought were cool, moving strongly into the top 10. Or because, in essence, we are the number 1 non-stable ERC-20 token in the WORLD. It's also not because memes are hot right now. No. It’s because of so many things I want to share with you but will have to wait to ensure they get proper coverage and OOMPH.

So what can I say?


First, let’s talk about the Shibarium burns. We will be burning 92E right now in Shib. More importantly, the move from Bone to Eth did no damage to Bone and essentially this completes the massive burn due from the initial pop we had on Shibarium.


Furthermore, today, on International Women’s Day, we took care of our ladies: The SHEboshis! We have purchased $38,894 worth of SHEB and then added $69,280 worth of Eth and $38,000 in SHEB to the liquidity pool in ShibaSwap.



We have also succeeded in burning Shib, but let me explain how we got to this number.

As you know, for this project we have dedicated a certain amount to the community and let me give the calculation, but first a note. Originally, in the last blog, I put “revenue” which is incorrect. We believe the correct term is Operating Income:

TOTAL: Approx… 800 ETH
Capital expenses, Taxes etc: Approx. 200 E
Remaining: 600E (Operating Income)
Split in HALF: 300E

10%: Non- Profits
10%: Burns (6% Shib, 1% Bone, 1% Leash, 1% Treat , 1% Shi)
15%: Foundation! (Yes that’s 90 Eth that will be up for the decision of the community upon the release of the Dao/Foundation/Identity driven governance system)
15%: Team

We are PROUD to complete the 36E Shib token torch right now! We will also torch 6E of Leash and Bone. We will completely send funds to the non-profits listed in our previous blog soon, and we have created a new multi-sig to hold the funds for future use until the identity driven DAO is complete.

TREAT TOKEN TORCH WALLET: 0x11AA2A42f7DB6249E011536252cD5e804688Ca9e

SHI TOKEN TORCH WALLET : 0x3B416439271BF43B45bD01D1AAE9b98cb47D227C

FOUNDATION WALLET : 0x6998b86A5eb0Ec269a0D51f6A1A7b76Cb1F2EB10

DONATION WALLET : 0x7950c9A6782B229166BC1b2B604D70b7ec05b70e

We are excited about this because it shows the POWER of Shib once we achieve scale of these types of drops and partnershibs. This is truly when we win.

NOTE: This is the first time we have done a LEASH burn, ever.

We have initial signers but will move from basic signers to the proper parties upon launch of the state full proper later this year.

For now here’s the Token Torches:





Oh, one more thing… The new Shib Token Torch product is complete! Soon, this will no longer be a manual process (by us). WHEW and Hooray Automation! Give us a bit more time to test, and it will be released.

Finally, stay tuned. This is going to be epic.